The Indian Armed Forces are primarily tasked with the security of the Nation. However, they are also called upon as the first responders for managing disasters and rescues within the country. They are swift and efficient in handling the situation be it war or peace, and during many occasions, they do so while facing dangers to their own life and limb.
We have identified an opportunity to give back to our heroes. We will be equipping our soldiers with essential life saving skills and techniques which would not only build their own skill set, but also help them help others.
A pilot batch of 30 soldiers from the Indian Army will undergo a 3 day (24 Hr) training on “Outdoor First Aid” at their base in northern Madhya Pradesh. The total strength of this unit is 400 soldiers and the full training would require funds towards tuition fees, certifications, participant reference material, travel, stay and meals cost of instructors, and transportation cost of training equipment. We have calculated it to roughly ₹1,40,000/- per batch (30 participants) and approximately ₹4600 per participating soldier.
Your contribution is important no matter how small or big. Call or WhatsApp us on +919152735256 or write to us on to sponsor our heroes.

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