CSR Spark is promoted by R.S.Krishnaswamy, a post-graduate in mechanical engineering with more than three decades of Entrepreneurship, and a decade in volunteering for an NGO at Coimbatore. The main objective of CSR connect is to provide a platform for connecting all the stake holders of CSR activity for better collaboration.


Help create a robust and vibrant CSR environment wherein partners work collectively to make the world a better place to live in.


  • Connecting with stakeholders and communities to identify areas of intervention.
  • Connecting with Corporates to set appropriate CSR goals and to facilitate enduring partnerships with stake holders and Implementing Agencies.
  • Connecting with Implementing Agencies to ensure seamless flow of benefits to the stake holders.


  • To function as a vital link in the CSR environment comprising the Corporates, Beneficiaries and Implementing Agencies.
  • To create a database of Beneficiaries projects and Corporates
  • To categorise projects, based on need.
  • To categorise Corporates based on priorities.
  • To receive project reports from Beneficiaries and evaluate or create reports based on need.
  • To match Corporates with Beneficiaries and ensure documentation.
  • To oversee execution and completion.
  • To prepare reports to suit publishing in annual reports of Corporates.
  • To create awareness among stake holders by organising summits for discussions on CSR priorities.
  • To honour performing Corporates, Implementing Agencies and Beneficiaries.
  • To keep updated on all revisions to the Companies Act with respect to CSR and share among stake holders.