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We are Jumpstart Outdoors LLP, a Technical Resource Agency (TRA) who facilitate implementation of CSR activities at the grass root levels PAN India. We work with NGOs, Foundations, Trusts and Not for Profit institutions by providing end to end solutions for  appointment of faculty, content creation, applicant learning material, outdoor activities, Planning & Execution of the Programmes, providing reports and photographic as well as Video Documentation of the events.

Our recent projects include:

  1. Camp Lakshya: A programme for children in the age group of 12 to 18 years. Here, children get a firsthand experience of life in the Armed Forces, personalised interaction with Officers from the Army / Navy / Air Force alongside Outdoor Activities, extensive Military Tasks and Simulations. This programme gives the participants a glimpse of the life and perks available to those who wish to build a career in the Indian Armed Forces.
  2. Udaan Career Series: A multiple phase programme for children in the age groups 11 – 13, 13 – 15, and 15 – 18 years old which uses activity based curriculum to facilitate topics like Health & Hygiene, Child Rights and Child Protection, Gender Equality,  Confidence Building, Positive Attitude towards Career, Anger Management, and Goal Setting for Focus on Studies amongst others. Currently, 900 students from Mumbai and 2800 from Ahmadnagar have availed this programme.
  3. Rakshak Life Saver Series: When the heart stops, every second counts. This series teaches concepts of incident prevention, life preservation, patient assessment, treatment, evacuation, and documentation to both adults and children. Currently this programme has reached out to over 900 individuals online, and over 200 participants in offline settings.

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