CIM Trust is an education based NGO striving to provide quality education to the children from migrant communities in Bengaluru; having 12A, 80G and CSR-1 certifications. Our vision is fostering a Just, Equal and Transformed Society and our mission is “Touching Lives. Transforming Communities.” We aim to break the cycle of generational poverty through education. Enable underprivileged communities to live a decent life.


Due to poverty, underprivileged children heavily depend on Govt. Schools/Colleges for their education. But the fact is many students at Govt. school (7th & 8th Std.) cannot read / write / comprehend well of the Major subjects (English / Maths / Science / Computer). They also lack comprehension of the demand of job market, need for 21st century Life Skills. In addition, many parents of these children are illiterates or semi-literates, who cannot help them in studies.  



After school program, mentorship, guidance and personal care will help them to overcome these problems and focus on future readiness. The Teachers / Mentors help them in functional English, skills for problem solving in Maths; enable them to understand the concepts & theories in science; communication skills and Brain boosting activities will be taught.



120 vulnerable underprivileged children can get academic and profession support to pursue their dreams and excel in life.



84 Girls (70%) and 36 boys (30%) from Classes 5th to 10th Std. will be benefited.



Rupees Seven Lakh and seventy thousand only (Rs. 7,70,000/-) per annum.

Cost per Child per Month is Rs. 535/-


Contact Details

Name              : Dr. Rathna Kumar S.

Designation    : Founder

Mobile No.     : +91 8147887595

Email              :

Website           :

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