Request to analyse and construct new check dams across all the rivelutes of the village of Nathagoundenpudhur.

Nathagoundenpudhur village, Thondamuthur constituency, Alandurai panchayat, comprises land area approximately of ​​2500 acres.

The open wells and the bore wells of the village meet the vital water requirement of the village.

Groundwater has gone deeper in the past few years, with rainfall levels down and temparature have shooten up caused increased water demand for the regular crops.

There are more than 10 rivelutes in the southern boundary of the village, with many water bodies forming in the Polavampatti forest range and passing through Nathagoundenpudhur reaches to Noyyal River.

With the lack of water storage ponds on the catchments and the activeness of the rivelutes is only during heavy rain. Most of the rain water flows and mixed with the Noyyal River. This brings a situation where even with good amount of  river fall, the stream water is not useful farmland, ponds and underground recharge.

If check dams are constructed across all the streams, to slower the water run off and better the ground water recharge the ground It will benefit More than 500 farming families and more than a hundred agricultural workers will also benefit indirectly.

The rivelutes namely to be rejuvenated and check dam construction required across are

  • Annan Thambi Pallam
  • Aththimarathu pallam
  • Ettimara Pallam
  • Thanneer Pallam
  • Kuravangkaattu Pallam.
  • Maaliyakuttai Pallam.
  • Aasaari Pallam.

With depreciating Rainfall levels and groundwater levels, farmers tend to drill more borewells risking more debt or else loss in agricultural production.

With the construction of check dams, the availability of water for the coming monsoon season will increase the water source for most open wells and bore wells.

So I urge for funds along with technical help to inspecting with appropriate experts and construct check dams.


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