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Warm Greetings from Environment Conservation Group!

India’s big mammals are doing better; our tigers, leopards and elephants are doing well, thanks to conservation efforts there is a steady rise in their populations. But, the same is not true with birds; we are losing our bustards, floricans, cranes, and many other species of birds. India is home to more than 1200 birds of which more than 90 species of birds are slipping towards extinction.  We need your help in studying the status of our birds and spreading awareness about the importance of protecting our birds and their natural habitats to the policy makers, stake holders and the younger generations. 

Environment Conservation Group (ECG) is an NGO dedicated toward protecting the environment and wildlife and promotes awareness through outreach programs since 2009. One such flagship outreach program is SEEK (Save Endangered Endemic and Key species). SEEK expeditions have been traveling across India and neighboring countries Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan studying threatened species and spreading awareness amongst stakeholders.  

At ECG, we believe in creating meaningful partnerships, where businesses play a vital role in conservation. Thanks to our previous sponsors  Zeiss, HP, WULF Pro, WWF, Coimbatore City Round table 31, Mahindra Scorpio, N Mahalingam & Co, Sanctuary Asia, MapmyIndia, Coleman, Sakthi Infra Tex Pvt. Ltd., Pricol, Hayagreevas, Twin Birds and Sulochana Mills, we have been able to successfully complete three SEEK expeditions and reach out to thousands of students across India.

SEEK2019 – The Great Indian Bird Expedition phase II is the fourth expedition beginning first week of October 2019, this expedition seeks to study the status of birds of South India, the conservation issues faced by them and solutions to protect the threatened birds and their natural habitats. South India is home to about 600 species of birds many of them globally threatened. ECG believes it is important to share the plight of endangered species and habitats with people so that they become “ambassadors” advocating and supporting conservation efforts, and SEEK makes it a point to visit various educational institution on their epic journey to spread awareness.

Why sponsor?

Today, more and more people are concerned about the environment and wildlife, this is a clear opportunity for your brand to create a meaningful association with a cause people care deeply, and want to do something about. By associating your brand with ECG, a feel-good factor will be associated between your brand and the community of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

·         Your support will go a long way in helping us learn more about the lesser studies bird population of India and the conservation issues faced by them.


·         Spread awareness on the need to protect our birds and their natural habitats.


·         Outstanding visibility – your branding on our car will reach thousands of people during our travel across the states as well as through various medias.


·         Ability to demonstrate your strong commitment towards the environment and the community.


·         We have a team of professional educators to conduct on-site education and off-site outreach to thousands of children and adults. Companies who sponsor these important learning experiences help underwrite these vital programs.

Looking forward to your valuable support.




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