Very Urgent Requisition-Tarpaulins with Grocery Package  for Daily Laborers Families etc…
Dear Madam,
People Awareness And Legal Aid Movement – PALAM is an NGO registered under the Indian Trust Act and the registration no is 03/2006 /dated 03.01.2006.  It also have 12AA, 80G under the Income Tax act and also Registered under the NithiAyok ,Govt of India.
PALAM- NGO had been involved in the relief and rehabilitation work during Tsunami 2004 in Nagappattinam district of Tamil Nadu and successfully completed the construction of permanent houses and public toilets for the affected communities.
 PALAM NGO joined hands with the district administration of Thiruvaur and Municipal Administration of Thiruthuraipoondi involved in relief activities.  Similarly, PALAM -NGO did relief activities during GAJA Cyclone/Flood relief Works 2018  in Tamilnadu ,India. 
  We also participated in the Natual Disaster rescue rehearsal organized by RedCross/State Disaster Management team and also performed demonstration and training’s to communities.
Last Months, Due to the Covid 19 and continuous  lockdown the thousand and thousand of daily laborers people are  struggling and starving for their orderly needs and  livelihood needs. 
At present, Due to North East Monsoon heavy rain has been started . As daily  laborers they could not go to work so their livelihood was affected. They live in slums and are unable to repair their thatched huts. No way to eat three meals a day. It has started the rainy season and rain water is flowing through the roofs into the hut, so the occupants of the thatched huts/house have to move to another place, so they need a two tarpaulin  sheets, one for the roofs of the thatched huts, one to keep the inside of the hut from getting wet, and it is very necessary to provide their family with groceries and rice for a monthly meal. 
At Present, We kindly request you to support for 500 families…
Beneficiaries; Narikuravas Gypsy Families, Daily Laborers Families, Family Members with Disability ,Family Members with Aged People..
 Tarpaulins 2Nos@ Rs 1600 X500 families =Rs 8,00,000
Nylon Rope @Rs 65,000 for 500 huts/houses= Rs 65,000
Grocery Kit@Rs 1200 per package X5 00 Families=Rs 6,00,000
                             Total                                            ———————
                                                                                  Rs 14,65,000
The above said all the items are very much needed at this movement. Please do the needful and favour. We are looking forward to hear from you.
 Thanking You,
Managing Trustee,
People Awareness and Legal Aid Movement – PALAM,
23/1, Periyanayakipuram, Thiruthuraipoondi – 614 713.
Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone:  Mob.:Whats App: 9842607609, 7871527907,.
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